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Interior Design and Health Care

Health care is an important sector of the interior design industry and addresses many factors including the safety and design of the space as well as the welfare and needs of the users. Simply put, the quality of the interior design of a building impacts the quality of overall care provided – this is well documented.

The standard of living and quality of care of patients is absolutely paramount, and the interior design of the living space is directly linked to patiens’ feelings of wellbeing and their ability to get well, recuperate or just live in a satisfactorily comfartable set of surroundings.

Companies like Cleveden Design Partnership, a commercial and healthcare specialist interior designer in Glasgow, are charged with enhancing the patients experience at the same time as bringing in complex and often high value design contracts on budget and on schedule for their paymaster clients. This is never an easy set of balls to juggle.

A process of collaboration is required between clinical leads, building and project managers, architects and of course patient the client themselves in order to deliver long term, sustainable benefits to all stakeholders in the healthcare project.

The use of sophisticated technology alongside the more natural elements of interior design will lead to a fusion of goals within a well led project. Flexibility, expert use of space and light, development of low maintenance fixtures and fittings etc are just some of the key drivers of a well run project.

Check out the following video to get a good idea of what a well run interior design healthcare project can encompass.