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Cosmetic Dentistry – Changing Smiles

Unlike in the past where dental surgery was only meant for improving oral care, preventing and treating, today, one can be able to improve the general appearance of their teeth thanks to technological advancements. This procedure provides the patients with not only the required but desired treatments that could lead to making one’s smile better and warmer. Sometimes, however, it may be used to restore the teeth with procedures like filling and treatment of tooth decay.

Today, a professional cosmetic dentist may be able to perform any form of cosmetic surgery for you depending on your need while maintaining the natural look. The techniques today are also up to par to make sure the solutions are long lasting. It is also important to note that these procedures have been much easier to access with most dentists advancing technology wise.There are a number of procedures that can be performed during cosmetic dentistry like:

Teeth whitening

Most people get stained teeth either by smoking, drinking coffee or red wine or even eating some foods. Others are born with stained teeth. Cosmetic surgery is the best counter to this common problem and after the bleach, you can be sure of an enhanced smile.


A simple procedure called composite bonding can be used to repair chipped, discolored, broken or decayed teeth which improves their general appearance. This procedure involves applying a composite material to the face of the tooth or the cavity which is then cut into the desired shape, contoured and stiffened with a light of high intensity. This way, the new tooth is able to blend with the older one and give you healthier and brighter teeth.

Full mouth reconstruction

During the process of a smile makeover which is done to improve the appearance of the smile, there may be need by your cosmetic dentist to look at functional faults like your bone structure, muscles and bite. If there is a problem with any of those, you may be recommended for a full mouth reconstruction.


Today, you may be able to undergo dental implants, which deals with artificial root replacement, dental veneer, which uses either porcelain or composite to smoothen the surface of your teeth and inlays which helps with filling.Visit a professional dentist today and get your smile back.