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3 Strategies to Deal with Dental Phobia

You can deal with your dental phobia or fear from the dentist through many tailor made methods but three strategies are commonly used to overcome such fears. These strategies include psychological, sedation and technological through gadgets. Psychological method works when the dentist uses certain techniques to communicate with his patient. Sedation method includes the use of certain drugs to relax the patient. Technological gadgets are used to make the treatment more enjoyable to deal with dental fears. Brief information provided here under will help you to understand these strategies more precisely.

Psychological method: This technique of dealing with dental phobia works on a Tell-Show-Do formula structured on the basis of time, destination and certain other reasons causing this phobia. Among dentists this method is also known as the management of behavior. Though this term sounds to be threatening but still it works as your dentist will allow you be familiar with strange and new things gradually. You can take your time to be familiar with them as your doctor explains them slowly so that you may feel that they are working as per your expectations. The comfortable and gentle delivery of the things is the integral part of this approach.

Sedation method: If your fear from dentist cannot be dealt effectively only with psychological method then various types of sedative drugs can be used for this purpose. Some of these drugs can be inhaled like laughing gas whereas some can be injected intravenous to give a relaxing feel. Intravenous sedation is a kind of participation technique which is liked by the people who want to feel that the situation is in their control. These drugs produce sedation to such a level that the patient starts feeling that the dentist is under their control as they forget everything or something that has happened during dental procedure last time.

If the work to be done on your teeth worries you then intravenous sedation is the best option for the people with dental phobia. It will help you in getting the feel of the things under your control until the procedure is over. It can help in improving your confidence if you have got positive experience during the treatment. But for performing minor maintenance works you can try to use other techniques to deal with your dental phobia.

Technology and gadgets: The technological advancements and introduction of a number of innovative gadgets during last few years have changed the scenario of dealing with dental phobia. People with fear from needle, who were earlier using sedation, can use wand, a kind of gadget, to overcome their fear. People fearing from handpiece drills can use a kind of device which makes them brave enough to stop fearing from the drill when its button is turned on. This device is ideal for the people who fear that they have lost control on others. Ozone therapy and air abrasion are the least dangerous methods that also promise to deal with the dental fears of the growing children by caring them gently.

Use of L-theanine: If your dentist is really good then he can suggest using various other less expensive and effective methods for overcoming your dental fears. This amino acid L-Theanine is one such natural alternative that can treat your anxiety and fear from dentist very effectively. In fact, L-theanine is an amino acid that can be dissolved in the water and mainly found in black and green tea and in the mushrooms to some extent. 1-2% of the weight of dry tea contains L-theanine to relieve your anxiety and treat stress by passing through your blood-brain barrier in less than 30 minutes. It reduces your cognitive impairment and improves your focus and concentration. It also helps in generating the state of wakeful relaxation, higher learning ability and creativity by improving the ability to overlook the disturbing information while doing complicated tasks. The patients diagnosed with anxiety caused by the increasing amount of GABA and dopamine in the brain can also  benefited by the use of L-theanine. It can also treat the problems caused by the use of caffeine without any adverse effect. L-theanine is normally considered as safe for adults if taken in moderate amounts.

Thus your dental phobia can be dealt easily by any of the strategies discussed in this write-up, as per your suitability.