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Air Abrasion Dentistry

Many thanks to Dr Gardee of for this informative article on a new technique to us. Dr Gardee is one of Glasgow’s foremost dental implants dentists, and this article covers a new technique for nervous patients.

Some dentists in Glasgow and beyond are using a new technique called air abrasion which allows them to remove tooth decay without using a drill. Effectively air abrasion tools work like a small sand blaster, spraying away dental decay. Afine spray of aluminium oxide particles is blasted into the decayed part of the tooth and a suction tool removes the debris as it comes away.

The advantages of air abrasion are many – there is no drill noise, ( there’s not really any noise), there is no heat generated, no pressure and very little vibration. Air abrasion requires less anaesthesia and also leaves more of the healthy tooth tissue untouched. The mouth remains dry throughout the process which helps with the placing of composite fillings, and multiple sites within the mouth can be targeted with a single patient visit. There is a also a reduced chance of splitting or chipping the patients’ teeth.

The disadvantages – the procedure can be a little painful for the patient, especially if there is a sensitivity issue, and air abrasion is not recommended for deep cavities. The other drawback is that only composite fillings can be used following air abrasion because the surface left behind is so smooth.

Air abrasion is a great new technique for patients with a dental phobia or for children who may be frightened by the noise of a drill.

Air abrasion can also be used to remove old composite fillings or to prepare a tooth for sealants or bonding procedures.

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