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Oral Cancer And Prevention

A lot of people visit their dentist only when they have some sort of problem, or a dental issue that needs to be resolved. It is really important for people to be aware of all the dangers if they continue to take this approach to their dental health and their overall health. A lot of people point out that oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, are what can essentially help you with many health issues and dental problems. Today, we will discuss oral cancer and prevention and what you can do in order to monitor your health and beyond the lookout for oral cancer.

How Does It All Start?

Did you know that oral cancer has the lowest survival rate for all cancers? That’s right, the five-year survival rate is below average when it comes to oral cancer. This is mainly due to the fact that people do not notice changes in their mouth when they happen, and they do not they do not visit their dentist on a regular basis, so they don’t get any medical treatment, or explanation for these changes that are happening. Oral cancer starts as changes on some area in the mouth and the oral cavity. People affected by oral cancer may notice a small pale, red, painless lump on some area of the mouth.

Why Should I Visit Your Dentist Regularly?

If you regularly visit your dental practice, they will be able to easily screen you for the disease, and it certainly you by feeling around your mouth, head, and neck. This is how you will be able to make certain you are doing your best to preserve your health. This is also why it is important to visit your dentist even if you don’t have your natural teeth and use dentures. Your dentist should check whether your dentures fit as chronic irritation can be a risk factor for oral cancer.

What Can I Do?

Did you know that of the estimated 30,000 cases of oral cancer diagnosed each year in the USA, about three quarters are associated with tobacco use or tobacco in combination with heavy alcohol use? Therefore, you should definitely stop smoking if you are a smoker, and make sure you visit your dentist regularly. Also, during your dental appointments your dentist should screen you every time you come for a dental appointment. It is very important to change any bad habits you may have such as: heavy alcohol use, tobacco use, or under frequent dental visits. In some cases, a dental visit can save your life. However, because many people are not screened on time, the detection usually happens when cancer is already at an advanced stage, and this is the real reason why the survival rate are so low with oral cancer. Therefore, if you would like to keep yourself healthy and happy devote yourself to a healthy lifestyle and prevent cancer from entering your life. Find your local dentist at dentistsinsc