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Pros and Cons of Botox Treatment

Botox is often seen as a revolutionary technique able to significantly improve the look of one’s skin, especially on the upper face. In fact, it’s highly effective and will help most people get rid of ugly wrinkles and lines, but like many other things, it’s not perfect and has some downsides too.

Botox treatment consists of injecting very small amounts of botulinum toxin, which is by far the most poisonous thing known to us. But don’t worry, no deaths due to Botox have been reported to date. However, it is still a poison and requires attention, careful choice of the practitioner and a good preparation for treatment.

Note that Botox should only be applied by professionals, so all the concerns you may have regarding it will be explained directly to you prior commencing your treatment. People, especially women, are now using Botox more than ever, thanks to the fact that this procedure is fast, straightforward, inexpensive, and most of all, very effective.

Studies show that about 1% of all people who had undergone Botox treatment develop antibodies which make any further treatments ineffective. These patients can carry on with other available options such as dermal fillers.

When applied in very small doses, botulinum toxin acts as a weak muscle paralysant. It works by blocking the neurotransmitters which trigger muscle contractions in areas where the drug is applied. The way it works makes Botox effective in most patients. Since it targets muscles beneath the skin, the type of skin you have doesn’t play any role.   There are no generally known long-lasting negative effects on health, though some patients still report temporary problems.

Headaches are by far the most common issue associated with Botox treatment. It’s caused by local nerve inflammation which goes by after several days and can be solved with common painkillers. Other short-lasting somatic problems may include nausea, fever, dysphagia, blurred vision, dry mouth, fatigue, hives and else, though some serious cases are really rare. Aesthetic issues are limited to lack of facial symmetry, but that’s why you carefully choose the practitioner!

Severe health problems caused by Botox treatments are extremely rare, but do happen. It usually pertains to temporary facial paralysis. Very sometimes, there can happen a permanent facial paralysis. The most known “cause” to that is having Botox administered by an unqualified person, so it can easily be avoided. Never try to apply Botox on your own, nor let hairdressers, cosmeticians or your friends and family members do that unless they’re adequately qualified!