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Causes of Oral Cancer

Cancer can occur anywhere in the body and that means any cancer will be different from another. While the actions a cancer carries out are similar, you should know that there are more than 200 different types of cancer a person can have. With such a high number, it’s conceivable that there is an innumerable list of causes for how someone ends up with the illness. There are certain undeniable pointers as to what can lead a person to have cancer. These can include everything from someone’s age and what they eat, to environmental factors and how one’s immune system works. This short article will give a brief view of these common causes and how dangerous they can be.


A simple fact is that as the body gets older, the harder is it for it to keep performing in peak condition. The older someone is, the more likely they are to be diagnosed with cancer. Roughly a third of all people who have cancer are over 75.


People say that smoking is a cause of cancer, especially lung cancer, but detailing exactly what ways it can do so isn’t so forthcoming. It must be realised that smoking doesn’t create tumours but it can make their creation much even in a weakened body. Smoking drastically lowers the body’s immune system, making it harder for your body to regulate itself. Having a lower immunity, coupled with the internal chemical exposure smoking creates, can actually give a tumour a better chance of growing.


While it can’t be said that a certain food is a definite cause of cancer, it is certainly true that a poor diet can have an adverse effect on someone’s overall health. Put too much pressure on organs like the kidneys and liver and you could find yourself facing major problems later in life. Obese women people are at a higher risk of getting cancer in the breast and womb, while obese men are at risk of getting cancer of the kidney.


A lot of older males in the UK in the late 70s to early 90s were diagnosed with cancers that all stemmed from the same problem: exposure to asbestos.  The now banned mineral was used widespread in heavy industry until its dangerous nature was found out. It’s a good example of how the environment someone works in and the chemicals they become exposed to can have a massive effect on causing cancer. A common environment cancer causer is the sun, with too much exposure to its UV rays causing skin damage.


The immune system does an incredibly complex job of keeping your body in check every day. Constantly under pressure to do well, a person who has a poor immune system can be in some ways prone to getting cancer. It could be because someone is taking drugs to limit their immunity after an organ transplant or because they suffer from an illness that already drastically lowers immunity. Those with poo immune system who get cancer are more likely to suffer from skin cancer or cancer near the reproductive organs.

While all of these factors can cause cancer, there are also an abundant number of ways people can receive special treatment for cancer. This can be in the form of a private cancer hospital like The LOC or as part of the National Health Service.