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Dental Marketing

Dental marketing has come of age – and how !  Years ago, dentists relied on word of mouth or the odd advert in their local paper to generate business, but an entire dental marketing niche has sprung up over the last couple of years which has changed the game forever.  Based mainly online, specialist businesses like have entered the fray, and are busily making savvy dental practices tons of cash by providing laser targeted local search engine optimisation services.

If you are a dentist based in Manchester, for example, how much money do you stand to make if your dental practice comes up No 1 for the search term “dental implants Manchester” ?  The answer, of course, is a lot !  With the price of a single dental implant averaging towards £3000,  dental SEO services can very quickly pay for themselves and start generating serious additional revenue for the enlightened dental practices out there.

How does this type of dental marketing work ?  Simple answer is , the dentist doesn’t need to know – all he or she will see ( if they’ve chosen their dental marketing provider wisely) is a huge increase in traffic to their website, followed by more local clients picking up the phone…..

If you’re a dental practice looking to grow your business you should really check out the links above – the new era of dental marketing has arrived.